Alectra Collective Agreement

The Union may submit any disagreement on the rate of pay of the new position to mediation/arbitration for a final decision within thirty (30) days of the filing of the complaint. This Agreement will be effective on June 1, 2019 and will remain in effect until May 31, 2022 and thereafter from year to year, unless either Party gives no more than ninety (90) days or less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of its request to negotiate amendments to this Agreement in writing. Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hydro One Inc. is pleased to announce that members of the Electrical Workers Union (“PWU”) have voted in favour of two renewal collective agreements: the main collective agreement, which includes front-line staff, and the Customer Service Operations Collective Agreement, which includes employees in direct customer-facing roles. c) Complaints must be made in writing for steps 1 and 2 and must mention the serious act or specific provision(s) of the allegedly violated agreement and the compensation claimed. Complaints must be submitted by the union or Chief Xxxxxxx (or delegate) within twenty (20) business days of the alleged violation and will be dealt with as follows: Duties will not be transferred from a higher paid classification to a lower paid classification without the consent of the parties. (a) These timetables shall be established by mutual agreement of the Committee on Industrial Relations; f) A compressed work week consisting of four (4) ten-hour shifts (Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday) may be performed by mutual agreement. (c) The Joint Safety and Health Committee shall meet twice a year or more frequently, as agreed by the Committee, to review the list of clothing claims and, if necessary, to make revisions by mutual agreement between the Parties. The committee will consider the costs, rationale, quality, nature and preferences of employee groups when making decisions. For the duration of this Agreement, the “childcare” service is as follows: g) Approved scheduled leave/overtime may not be modified to participate in training/meetings, unless mutually agreed.

The collective agreements between Hydro One Inc. and PWU involve approximately 3,800 regular employees and approximately 1,500 temporary workers in critical front-line positions in the company`s Operations in Ontario. An employee who is dismissed for refusing a transfer under the terms of this Agreement will be entitled to reduced severance pay of two (2) weeks per year of service up to a maximum of thirty-six (36) weeks if the proposed transfer is made to employment that is not reasonably located from his or her place of residence. “These agreements between Hydro One and the Electricity Workers` Union reflect our shared commitment to working together on behalf of our customers and communities, making their voices heard and taking action to meet their needs,” said Mark Poweska, President and CEO of Hydro One. “We look forward to an ongoing positive working relationship with PWU management, who represent our front-line employees who provide communities across Ontario with safe, reliable and affordable electricity. i) In the event of a disagreement between the medical officer and the employee`s physician, the problem will be resolved by referral to a neutral physician. which is chosen after consultation between the parties. (i) Each Party shall appoint two (2) officers to train the four (4) members of the Grievance Review Board (GRB). The composition of the Board of Directors may be different in each location; However, it will always be composed of four (4) high-ranking people, including two (2) from each party. If the Board unanimously decides to dismiss or resolve a complaint, that decision will be documented and will be final and binding. If there is no unanimous agreement, the grievance is still not resolved. (5) In years of normal retirement or within five (5) years of entitlement to an unreduced pension if faced with redeployment of employment, particular attention may be paid, by joint agreement, to the protection/preference of the workplace.

(e) By mutual agreement, either Party may request an additional meeting of the Industrial Relations Committee by presenting an agenda to the other Party. Entitlements to the provisions of the collective agreement are calculated in proportion to working time per calendar year, with the exception of health and dental benefits, which are granted at 100%. Until a new collective agreement is ratified, the five existing collective agreements with the three unions will continue to apply to the five existing collective bargaining units. Individual. It is presumed that if there is no mutual agreement, the employer may proceed with the implementation of the dismissal. This section is not intended to compel an employee to identify or alter in any way the rights or obligations of the employer, trade union or employee under human rights laws. Existing employees in non-unionized temporary positions in the LES will not lose any seniority during the term of this Agreement. These employees pay union dues throughout their deployment to maintain eligibility for the SWU. Once the vote on representation has taken place and your representative union has been declared, arrangements to negotiate a new collective agreement for all unionized workers in Alectra (the “Alectra Bargaining Unit”) from St. Catharines to Barrie will begin. c) All employees are entitled to two (2) fifteen (15) minutes of paid breaks.