Garden Maintenance Agreement

The customer requests and authorizes the supplier to provide the following gardening services: This contract is suitable for all types of regular gardening and associated horticultural services. For example, the schedule defines two types of garden maintenance: first for the customer who needs seasonal plantings of vases, windows and bathtubs where the power is necessarily limited; secondly, if the customer needs maintenance of the land throughout the year. Clause 4.1 and the Schedule for Additional Services provide for the second type of gardening: z.B. removal/replacement of dead or diseased shrubs or trees. We are looking for gardeners who have the skills and resources to maintain the gardens and, if necessary, follow a program of progressive improvement and renewal. The garden is composed of lawns, cotoneaster and cut flowerbeds, mainly planted with roses, lavender, daffodils and pelargones (in summer) and alpine purples (autumn – spring). By the signature below, both parties accept, without restriction or exception, the conditions of this gardening contract. This agreement is legally binding on both the customer and the supplier, in accordance with the laws of [Sender.State]. .

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