Fischer-Chauvel Agreement

He was referring to some of the data relating to the entry of settlers into the Al-Aqsa Mosque as part of “Jewish Settlement believes in the idea of building the temple,” he said, he said that about 5600 settlers entered in 2009, but now 25,000 al-Aqsa. The reason for postponing the Zionist discourse is the Oslo Agreement, which saved Israel`s right-wing party from its ideological failure and allowed it to accomplish three things: the classification of the Palestinian territories, the transfer of power, and the separation of Gaza from the Western ban. As part of an agreement between France and Israel. The Church of Sainte-Anne has been classified as one of the properties of the French National Domain. In 1948, the agreement between France and Israel, the Fischer Chauvel Agreement, was signed. The Israeli government has not ratified the agreement, and this is the cause of Emmanuel Macron`s incident. – 6 AD Capital of the Kingdom of Judea (Roman client state from 63 BC. 1827 The Ottoman administration founds mtasarrifiya of Jerusalem. Dec 1831 – Jan 1841 Egyptian occupation of Jerusalem. Jan 1841 Direct Ottoman rule restored (part of the Sandchak of Jerusalem inside the vilayet of Damascus).

1863 Commune of Jerusalem 1872 Part of the Mutasarrifat of Jerusalem (separated from Damascus). 10 December 1917 – 1 July 1920 British military occupation. 1 July 1920 – 14 May 1948 Part of the British Mandate Palestine. .