Apoc Collective Agreement 2021

APOC members ratified a provisional agreement earlier this month. The new collective agreement is now available on the website. To view them, click on this link. Collective Agreement “Reaching this agreement in a timely manner in advance underscores the respectful and cooperative relationship between the parties,” said Deepak Chopra, President and Chief Executive Officer. Canada Post and the Association of Postal Officials of Canada (APOC) signed a new three-year collective agreement on November 27, four months before the expiry date of the current agreement. APOC members had ratified a provisional agreement in early November. The new agreement will enter into force on 1 April 2018, immediately after the expiry of the current agreement. It is valid until 31 March 2021. This provisional agreement shall be subject to ratification by the workers represented by the association. The deal involves annual wage increases and improvements in health services, Canada Post said. Recognizing the need to continue the transformation of Canada Post into an e-commerce and parcel business that must compete for victory, the parties are pleased to have negotiated this preliminary agreement before the current agreement expires.

This is an important step in building a predictable business environment for our customers. The current collective agreement expires on March 31, 2018. The new collective agreement will come into effect on April 1, 2018 for a period of three (3) years. Resources for superiors and managers to assist in the application of collective agreements and manuals. The agreement honours the valuable contributions of APOC members to Canada Post`s success in serving Canadians. This includes raising wages every year and improving health care. For more information: Media Relations, 613-734-8888, [email protected]. Editor`s Comments: Transfer: If the employee is permanently transferred from one workplace to another, the employee is entitled to a lump sum compensation of $200 or $400, as the distance between the residence at the time of the transfer and the employee`s new workstation has increased by 3.2 kilometers and 6.4 kilometers respectively.

Change of position: if the notification is less than 48 hours in advance, all hours worked by the employee in the first scheduled position after the change are paid at the time and half of the employee`s normal rate. Matrimonial leave: after 6 months of continuous employment, the worker is granted 5 days of leave to get married. The employee receives 1 day off to participate in the wedding of his or her son or daughter. Birth leave: on the occasion of the birth of the son or daughter, the worker is granted special paid leave of up to 2 days during the period of detention of the spouse. Personal days: 7 personal days are allocated to the employee on the first day of each year. Uniforms/clothing: the employer provides uniforms and protective clothing. The employer makes 130 $US available for the fashion of circumstance in authorized colors. Insulated jackets are provided on the basis of a swimming pool when superiors are working on the docks and weather conditions warrant it. Seniority – Recall rights: corresponds to the seniority of employees with 6 months of employment; 2 years after 2 years of employment; 4 years after 15 years of employment. Safety shoes: $260 every 2 years or more, if agreed by the parties by appointment.

Medical benefits: the employer pays 95% of the premiums, the employee pays 5% of the premiums. The employer pays 70% of the premiums of the province`s health insurance premium only in provinces that received a premium before June 7, 2001, the worker pays 30% of the premiums. Multiprovince (3,500 postal employees) and the Canadian Postal Officials Association (APOC). The bargaining committee met in Ottawa last week to review changes to the new collective agreement. Face masks or blankets are now mandatory at all Canada Post….