Skyteam Codeshare Agreement

In June 2008 (2008-2006),[42] the first and Copa Airlines announced their intention to join Star Alliance after Continental`s last flight with SkyTeam on October 24, 2009. [44] [45] [46] On that day, Continental Airlines and Copa Airlines departed SkyTeam at the same time, as announced. [47] [48] Continental Airlines joined Star Alliance three days later. [49] At the time, it was said that the changeover to the euro was the first step in the merger between United and Continental. [50] By extending SkyTeam`s code-sharing agreements between partners, passengers travel continuously to global destinations. The agreement also allows members of Korean Air`s loyalty program, Skypass, to collect miles on all codeshare flights. Korean Air has announced the extension of its codeshare agreements with its colleagues De SkyTeam, Air France and Alitalia. In addition, from 4 June, Korean Air will extend its codeshare agreement with Alitalia. As part of the agreement, Korean Air will be sharing code on new flights operated by Alitalia between Rome and Incheon, which will double the frequency on the line from three per week to six.

Alitalia will continue to share code on Korean Air operated flights between Incheon-Rome and Incheon-Milan. China Southern Airlines will maintain codeshare agreements with most SkyTeam members, even after the alliance`s release next year. “In addition to its SkyTeam partners, the company has accelerated the expansion of its global circle of friends by entering into a bilateral codeshare partnership with American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Qantas and Qatar Airways,” said China Southern. Korean Air will also schedule code-sharing on Alitalia flights from Rome to three domestic destinations – Milan, Venice and Bologna, as well as seven international destinations – Athens, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Budapest, Cairo and Casablanca. A codeshare agreement is an agreement in which two or more airlines share the same flight. A seat can be purchased from an airline on a flight that is actually flown by another airline under another flight number or code. All major airlines have one or more codeshare agreements. According to a press release issued today by Aeroflot, the Russian airline and Brussels Airlines have signed a codeshare agreement to offer customers a greater choice of flights and greater flexibility in travel between Brussels and Moscow.

Tickets for flights under the new agreement are on sale and joint flights will begin on January 20, 2020. Korean Air currently has codeshare partnerships with 33 airlines on 198 routes worldwide, including SkyTeam partners such as Air France and Alitalia. Korean Air will develop the possibilities of code-sharing partnerships to provide its passengers with the most comfortable flight plans. Booking a codeshare flight means that flights booked with an airline can be made by one of the partners as part of the agreement. The new agreement allows travellers departing from Moscow to easily connect to the entire Brussels Airlines network, while travellers from Brussels will benefit from better connections to the Russian capital and Aeroflot`s global routes.