Registered Agreement Can Be Cancelled

… Indian Registration Act. He argued that the registry authority even had an obligation to cancel a … Record a deed of revocation for other recorded documents. In addition, it has been argued that the Registration Act does not give the registry authority the power to register a… Cancellation of this agreement due to the absence of another party. In addition, it has been argued that it is not provided for in the Registration Act or in the rules that provide for the presence of both parties. Before proceeding, we would like to remind you that an agreement for the sale and a deed of sale are not the same. The sale agreement is an interim document/contract signed between the seller (usually the owner) and the buyer of the property and the buyer`s intention to purchase the property for a certain amount of agreed-upon money, and the seller agrees to sell the same thing and also gives details of the other supplies and their completion times. This agreement also includes an amount paid by the buyer to seal the agreement. 2) Unilateral termination of the contract is not possible 2) What terms of the sale agreement regard the period during which the payment should be made and the consequences in case you do not pay? …

Is applicant without seeking the release of the property legally retained? 4. If the applicant`s appeal was brought, without the exemption from the cancellation of the registration … The remedy, which is consistent with the explanation, is not equal to the legal tax due to the delisting of a document. Therefore, the Tribunal should also have set aside this aspect of the case. but… the rightful owner is in possession and enjoying the simple ownership calendar after the registered gift theft of 17.11.2011 and that the registered sed division of 23.2.2017 is not binding for… If the contract has been registered, both parties must also be present for its cancellation. ….

2. Qualified counsel for the petitioner submitted that respondent No. 3 executed a petition under Section 7 read with section 23 of the law for the removal of the registered document… (Respondent No. 1) formed under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 (in short of the law) which considered the remedy he filed to be elusive… by respondent No. 3 in favour of the petitioner and other facilities by taking advantage of various reasons, by the President, Maintenance Tribunal-cum-Sub… Leasing or leasing contracts are one of the simplest forms of agreement in the real estate sector. As a general rule, all leases or leases have a termination clause. The revocation clause here is generally related to a notice period, that is, the minimum time that one party should give to the other if they wish to terminate that contract.

If the notice period is not possible, appropriate financial compensation is to be paid, which is also mentioned in the document. The sales contract in question may be terminated without notice or by oral notification and not beyond.