Life Programme Model Grant Agreement

These financial and administrative guidelines are intended to help LIFE applicants and recipients understand fact sheets, brochures and documents related to the LIFE program and its projects. The LIFE program began in 1992 and has co-financed more than 5,400 projects If your project was funded by the 2007-2013 LIFE program, please use the documents published on the LIFE Project Management page (2007-2013). For further requests, please contact the external monitoring team. Thank you for your understanding in these exceptional circumstances . . . Fund for the protection of nature and biodiversity, the efficient use of the environment and resources, environmental policy and information Update of 28.07.2017, please note that the LIFE2017 model of the grant agreement has been revised to correct spelling errors as follows: Type. I.1 now refers to Appendix II instead of Appendix I – art. II.19.2 has had a dual use of point (h), which has now been corrected for country fact sheets, country assessments and life-national contact points. . Download: 2017 Model LIFE Grant Agreement (Not for Integrated Projects- see below) Models and policies to report the results of your project Tips and requirements for communicating your project, including privacy rules Key changes to the last update of 25.11.2020 are listed on page 1. Links to legal documents and background information Placement Administration and Support System (PASS) User Guide . Loans and participations for nature capital and energy efficiency projects, provided by the European Investment Bank`s forms and guidelines for the contractual and financial management of your Climate Protection Fund project, climate change adaptation, climate policy and information.

Tasks to be completed for the Call for Life Technical Assistance. To ensure continuity of work during the COVID 19 pandemic, we have temporarily adjusted the requirements for submitting changes and/or payment requests. These requests must be emailed to the following, a copy of the appropriate EASME project advisor and external monitor. For heavy emails with multiple attachments, alternatives such as Dropbox can be used to transmit information. Please do not send us copies of these requests. Guidelines for candidates, calls for proposals, national contact points Anyone registered in the EU: private bodies, public bodies and NGOs All your questions on the impact of COVID-19 will be answered in this section. ..