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“The number of positive downloads and reviews we`ve received since the launch of TouchPal X on Google Play has confirmed that we`re on track to deliver an unparalleled user experience,” said Michael Wong, CEO of CooTek. “From the beginning, our goal was to go beyond making the fastest and most accurate keyboard available to provide a must have that offers a fun way to interact with touch devices.” More and more people are concerned about the security of personal data about their virtual keyboard and think they are entering something via a keyboard: any URL they usually visit, SMS or email they send and password they enter. TouchPal is also paying attention to this problem and be active a few years ago. Touchpal has already cancelled the user`s computational typing habits that keep the SwiftKey and many keyboards still. We can also get information about you from other sources and combine it with information that we collect directly. For example, we may collect information about you if you post content on our pages or feeds on third-party social media sites or if you use login information (for example. B username and password) from a third-party site to create your CooTek account or log into your CooTek account. For more information or for download, please visit www.touchpal.com, such as on Facebook (on.fb.me/SVlIQk), or follow us on Twitter at @TouchPal (www.twitter.com/TouchPal). (3) If the use of your personal data is necessary for our legitimate interests or for the legitimate interests of others (for example.

B to keep the TouchPal keyboard safe; Manage our business Ensure safe environments for our employees and visitors Meet legal requirements and defend our legal rights; to prevent fraud and to know the users we offer services to). You can update, correct or change information about you at any time by logging into your online account or emailing us privacy@touchpal.com. If you wish to disable your account, please email us to privacy@touchpal.com, but note that we may continue to store information about you, as required by law or for legitimate business purposes. Thousands of Google Play reviews have CooTek with positive reviews on the app, with users who are “the best” keyboard app for Android available. TouchPal X is already supported by more than 30,000 five-star reviews that praise it for its ease of use, speed, accuracy, customization options, excellent interface, language options and free pricing. (c) Entry information: We may ask you to install and activate our TouchPal keyboard on your mobile device. The TouchPal keyboard rotates in the background and records your keystrokes on your mobile device.