Wanslea Enterprise Agreement

12.1.4 The transfer includes transfer, transfer, transfer or estate, either by agreement or by application of the law and has conveyed a corresponding meaning. 15.3.1 Workers to whom this clause applies receive the applicable percentage of the minimum wage required in this tariff/agreement for the person-mandated work class according to the following schedule: 27.8.6 A worker who wishes to adopt a child is entitled to unpaid leave for an interview or mandatory examination, as required under the adoption procedure. The worker and the employer should agree on the length of unpaid leave. If there is no agreement, the worker is entitled to two days of unpaid leave. If the worker has paid leave, the employer can ask the worker to take the leave. 25. 8 Personal leave during annual leave25. 8 bis) Subject to this sub-clause, the provisions of this clause apply to workers who grant paid personal leave instead of paid annual leave during the period during which she is absent on annual leave.25 8 b) The replacement application must be made within seven days of returning to work and only if, due to illness or personal injury, the worker has been restricted to his or her place of residence or hospital for a period of five consecutive days of work or for longer, and provides a certificate from an established physician attesting that he or she has been locked up. Unless the provisions of this paragraph exempt the worker from the obligation to advise the employer in accordance with paragraph 25.5 of that clause, if he is unable to participate in the work on the working day following his annual leave.25 8 (c) The replacement of paid annual leave with paid personal leave must not exceed the period of paid personal leave to which the worker was entitled at the time of his annual leave and must not take place with respect to the elements at dawn.25 8 (d) personal leave paid by the employer was granted in accordance with paragraphs 25.8 (a), 25.8 (b) and 25.8 (c) of this sub-clause, this part of the annual leave corresponding to paid personal leave is replaced by paid personal leave and the replaced annual leave may be taken on another date on which the employer and the worker agree or, if the agreement does not end, be added to the worker`s next period of annual leave or, if the dismissal is anticipated, be paid for the annual leave in accordance with the provisions. If you have searched and are unable to reach an agreement: 24.5.3 Annual leave is granted on a date agreed between the employer and the worker within a maximum of six months from the date of the annual leave, provided that this annual leave can be deferred by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. Business agreements can be tailored to the needs of some companies. An agreement should be overall better for an employee when compared to the corresponding bonuses or rewards.

7.3 If an agreement is reached, a request is made to the Commission. 22.4.4 When a worker has accumulated time in a timely manner in accordance with point 22.4.1, the worker may benefit from the annual leave leave. Such a period of leave will not result in the loading of the annual leave. 7.1 A consultation mechanism and procedures tailored to the size, structure and needs of the company or workplace will be put in place.