Vendor Policy Agreement

For 18 years, David Adler has guided entrepreneurs, executives and organizations through the legal challenges of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, data protection, information security, marketing and advertising, social media, digital activities, regulatory compliance, litigation and business transactions. He has in-house legal experience in managing the legal affairs of leading software vendors in the advertising and marketing industry, as-a-service software negotiation and design agreements (SaaS) and vendor and third party contracts with a strong focus on property rights. The seller cannot accept obligations and/or services without the buyer`s prior agreement in writing. Notwithstanding the subcontractor or attempts to subcontract the seller, the obligations to the buyer are liable for the actions and omissions of his subcontractor and the persons directly and indirectly employed by these subcontractors, as well as the acts and omissions of persons directly employed by the seller. Nothing included in the agreement establishes a contractual relationship between the buyer and a subcontractor of the seller. The seller is committed to the commitment of any subcontractor under this agreement. Each subcontract of a part of the services is transferred by the seller to the buyer, provided that the assignment takes effect only after the termination of the contract by the buyer and only for the subcontracts that the buyer accepts by notifying the subcontractor and the seller. ii. The seller accepts that he and his agents do not pass on the buyer`s confidential information to third parties and that they use this confidential information exclusively for the purpose of providing the seller as part of the agreement, and that it remains strictly confidential and does not pass it on to third parties without the buyer`s prior written consent; However, provided that the seller can disclose the confidential information only to the seller`s executives, directors, employees or subcontractors, who must be aware of this confidential information in order to assess or fulfill the obligations arising from this agreement (“representative”), provided that these agents (with collaborators other than the seller`s staff) have previously entered into a written confidentiality agreement in which they have committed to protect confidential information to the same extent as the seller.