Utah Premarital Agreement Act

If you are getting married and have considered a marriage agreement, but are not convinced of the benefits of these agreements or are not aware of them, you should keep in mind that in the event of a divorce, a judge will consider that any condition is not enforceable if the other spouse against whom it is subject proves that he did not voluntarily sign the contract or that the agreement was fraudulent (for example). B was not made available to the other spouse. The 6th Committee A marriage agreement provides both spouses with protection and predictability along the way when they decide to take separate paths and file for divorce. The development of a “prenup” will also ensure that the division of ownership will not be left to the state. If you have considered entering into a marriage contract, it is important that both parties obtain legal advice. A Utah prenuptial agreement must be in accordance with state law or may be overturned. And even a legal marital agreement may not be fair to both parties to the marriage. At Salcido Law Firm, we can point out the potential pitfalls as well as the benefits of entering into a marriage contract. Under Utah`s Uniform Act, a marriage or pre-marriage agreement is “an agreement between potential spouses that is entered into in contemplation of marriage and is effective for marriage.” In Utah, a marriage agreement must be entered into in writing and signed by both parties. It can be implemented without anything being exchanged for the treaty. If you are considering a Prenuptial agreement from Utah and would like more information, contact one of the divorce and family lawyers in Utah near Salcido Law Firm. We are ready and willing to accept the most demanding contractual terms to ensure that you will get the deal you want. For more information on marriage contracts and their history, click here.

You can also learn more about the Utah Prenuptial Agreement Laws by browsing the linked page of our website. For a pre-marriage contract to be applicable under Utah law, it must meet certain requirements. These requirements are very specific according to the rules of the Utah Prenuptial Agreement. If the laws are not followed to the letter, a court may overturn the agreement and decide that it is non-aary and unenforceable.