Uk Agreement With China Over Hong Kong

Shortly before the start of the sovereignty talks, the governor said he intended to represent the people of Hong Kong in the negotiations. The statement provoked a strong reaction from the People`s Republic of China, prompting Deng Xiaoping to denounce the “three-legged stool” speech, implying that Hong Kong was a party to discussions about its future alongside Beijing and London. [18] The United Kingdom Government will be responsible for the administration of Hong Kong until 30 June 1997 in order to maintain and maintain its economic prosperity and social stability, and the PRC government will cooperate in this regard. In March 1979, Hong Kong Governor Murray MacLehose made his first official visit to the People`s Republic of China (PRC) and took the initiative to raise the issue of Hong Kong sovereignty with Deng Xiaoping. [7] Without clarification and definition of the official position of the Government of the People`s Republic of China, it would be difficult to arrange real estate and loan leases in Hong Kong in the next 18 years. [5] Countries have failed on issues such as Hong Kong, technology giant Huawei and alleged human rights violations against the Uighur community in China. The agreement was signed by then-Chinese Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In July 2017, when British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insisted on democratic progress in Hong Kong,[30] Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that the legally binding Hong Kong transfer treaty with Britain “no longer has any practical meaning” and that “Hong Kong headquarters is not binding at all. The United Kingdom has no sovereignty, no power to govern, and no power to monitor Hong Kong after the transfer. [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] The British Foreign Office went on to state: “This is a legally binding treaty, registered with the United Nations and still in force. As a co-signer in your government, the UK government is committed to closely monitoring its implementation. Johnson reiterated that Britain`s commitment to Hong Kong was enshrined in the “treaty” that is “as strong today” as it was 20 years ago. [32] [35] However, Chinese government officials warned against foreign interference and accused British officials of having a colonial mentality.

[36] [37] [38] The Chinese Parliament has previously passed a resolution authorizing the city`s executive to appoint legislators considered supporters of Hong Kong independence, agreements with foreign forces or threats to national security, without having to go through the courts. The move is expected to mean new sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials, probably in collaboration with the United States.