Gog.com End-User License Agreement

10.1 GOG Services, including (but not limited to) their graphics, computer code, user interface, look and feel, audio, video, text, layout, databases, data and other content, and all legal and operating rights relating to them are owned by us or we will grant them by third parties. GOG content is owned by developers/publishers and is licensed by us. All rights are reserved, unless we have indicated it in this agreement. You cannot use or use parts of GOG services or GOG content unless this is explained in this Agreement. This agreement explains how to access and use GOG services such as GOG.COM, GOG Galaxy Application or GOG and video content. 21.2 This agreement (including all additional GOG conditions) and the gog data protection policy constitute the entire agreement between you and us and bring together all previous oral or written agreements. If you do not agree, please contact us as soon as possible after using GOG services in legal@GOG.COM, otherwise this will be mandatory for you after a reasonable period of time (usually 30 days). We are happy to offer pre-order refunds, an early exchange and our refund guarantee (in appropriate cases). For more details, you really need to read the text wall on the left – sorry. 19.1 You and we agree that your use of goG and GOG content services and this Agreement should be subject to the laws of the Republic of Poland and interpreted and that not all disputes concerning this agreement be heard exclusively by the courts of the Republic of Poland. For any right under this agreement, the winning site is entitled to its legal fees and fees. 7.5 Direct purchases on accounts: As mentioned above, If you purchase a game/content through a third-party distribution platform partner that we are responsible for using the GOG Direct to Account API, and you choose to activate the game/content on your GOG account, then the partner (non-GOG) is responsible for the game/content, including consumer protection remedies, such as refunds and returns.

Therefore, we cannot offer you a voluntary return guarantee for this specific case (because GOG did not sell the game/content). 1.5 If you are over 18, then welcome! If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, ask your parent or legal guardian to verify and approve this agreement on your behalf (since in some countries, people of a certain age cannot legally enter into contracts like this).