Employment Agreement Philippines

Failure to comply with this duty of confidentiality must be construed as gross misconduct and should be considered as grounds for termination of one`s employment relationship. Here are some of the usual parts of an employment contract. There are several other special laws that set minimums of employment and legal standards that an employer must comply with by law. These include the Social Security Act, the National Health Insurance Act, the Sexual Harassment Act and the Dangerous Drugs Act. We are pleased to inform you that we are in __Designation__ effective with a monthly ______________________________________P_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The conditions of your employment in this company are: “According to the definition, the main standard that determines regular employment is the appropriate link between the employee`s activity and the employer`s usual activity or activity; The emphasis is on the necessity or concupiscence of the worker`s activity. Therefore, where the worker engages in activities deemed necessary and desirable for the employer`s entire business system, the law considers the worker to be regular. (Universal Robina Sugar Milling Corporation v. Acibo, G.R. No. 186439, January 15, 2019) In order to preserve the interest of the company and the confidentiality of its activities and business, the employee agrees that he will respect strict confidentiality during the duration of his employment and gradually the effective termination of his employment and that he will not disclose technical, commercial, financial or commercial information, methods, processes, inventions (whether or not they are covered by intellectual property protection or not), including, but not limited to, customers.

Customer lists or requirements, price lists, price structures, marketing and sales information, business plans or operations, employees or executives, financial information, product lines, research activities, plans, projects and formulas, whether established by employees or by other means. Regular employment is standard employment status, unless proven otherwise by the employer. For the rest, it is the employer who bears the burden of proof that the worker is not a regular worker. This involves highlighting documents such as . B of the employment contract. After regularization, the worker is entitled to seven (7) days off and seven (7) days of sick leave for each year of actual employment, employees are expected to take time off before they can apply. As vacation credits cannot be converted into cash, the employee is urged to use all vacation credits earned in the calendar. Under five categories of employment schemes, Philippine labour law recognizes the nature of employment. The Philippine Ministry of Labour and Employment (DOLE) is the main government agency responsible for enforcing labour laws in the country.

DOLE monitors and manages compliance with labour standards by companies and deals with labour-related issues through the Office of the Minister of Labour and Labour or through its regional offices. With an oversupply of cheap labour available in the Philippines, an employment contract can help private companies recruit workers based on their professional needs and ensure better talent acquisition. However, employers must ensure that the elaborate contract meets all legal requirements under Philippine labour laws, in order to avoid monetary or criminal liability. 1. Test officers who were not informed of regular employment standards/criteria on the first business day; “While the legal language could have been clearer, the clarity of his mind and intent to ensure the safety of a “regular worker” during the term of office can hardly be questioned. When determining whether a job should be considered regular or non-regular employment, the applicable examination is the appropriate link between employment and employment.