Comcast Terms Of Service Agreement

4. Unpaid equipment costs. “Unreturned Equipment Fee” refers to a fee charged by Comcast to a subscriber for unretated Xfinity equipment at the end of services provided under this agreement. The payment of an unturned equipment tax does not lead to the sale or transfer of ownership of Xfinity Equipment, and this equipment remains the property of Comcast, and Comcast reserves ownership of Xfinity Equipment at any time. Comcast does not in any way forego ownership (including ownership of) Xfinity Equipment by paying an unrepoken equipment tax. Even if an unturned equipment tax has been paid, Xfinity Equipment cannot be resold, used or operated in any way. If you pay unredeated equipment and then return the device, your unredeated equipment costs will be refunded in full. For the Internet. You`ll find information on Internet prices and additional conditions in (or another website if we let you know). Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our services, Xfinity equipment, prices and fees at any time with or without notice. We may also reorganize, remove, add or modify features or offerings contained in the Services, including features, hours of availability, device requirements, speed and fare restrictions upstream and downstream. We may forward any notification of changes to the Service and our relationship with you, including notification of any changes to this Agreement, in one or more of the following ways, as we understand it at our sole discretion: (1) by posting them on or any other website you have been informed of; (2) by mail or manual delivery to your premises; (3) by email to the email address for your account in our files; or (4) including information about or with your bill for the (s) service (s). They agree that one of the above agreements constitutes sufficient and effective communication in accordance with this agreement.

Since we may inform you from time to time of important information about (s) service (s) and this agreement through these methods, you agree that it is your responsibility to regularly check your email, email, service text and any articles on or any other website you have been informed of. If a significant change affects your services, you have the right to terminate your services. However, your continued receipt of the (s) service (s) for more than 30 days after the change is your acceptance of the amendment. c. Third-party fees that are your responsibility. You can collect a fee from third parties, for example. B for access to online services, call parties that charge a fee for their phone services, purchase or subscription to other offers via the Internet or interactive options on your TV service, which are separate from the amounts we have charged.